My Beer Kegerator: It's DIY Kegerator Time 1. 2. 3.

Are you Looking for Home Bar Supplies? well then kegworks is the site to go to, they have huge assortment of kegerator kits, gear and bar accessories. Every thing you would need to pimp out an old fridge into a DIY kegerator, the site is jam packed with great stuff!
I also recommend them as a good source of how-to information and tips to get you ready to build your first kegerator. In the mean time here is a quick 1 2 3 to get you going

Step: 1 The fridge
I would suggest looking for a used fridge on some of the free online classified sites, I was able to pick up a 5 year old full size fridge for $100.00

Step: 2 Gear
Once you have decided on the type of keg kit you want, go ahead and order it from KegWorks.com , in a few days when your kit arrives you will be good to go to start your project

Step: 3 The build
Have a look on my site for free DIY kegerator plans, this is what I used and had my keg built and set-up in about 60 minutes with minimal tools

Step: 4 Drink beer
I don't think I need to add anything else here enough said...
until next time


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