Beer Offerings Slim at Canadian Embassy in Washington

Looks like there is a bit of a situation below the 49th parallel, seems that the Canadian embassy in Washington DC has a limited type of Canadian Amber Nectar to serve guests and visiting dignitaries. Sure there’s a fine list of Canadian wines but it falls short when it comes to beer. All kidding aside we all know that every Canadian prefers Cold Canadian liquid libation over wine. A quote from the Canadian Press article reads If Canadian breweries want to see their beers on the embassy bar list, Nasser added, they can contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to become part of a program that will supply their products to various embassies and consulates around the world. I say it looks like there is a real opportunity here for Canadian brewery boys to step up and hook fellow Canadians up.
I would like to suggest that anyone reading this, contact their local MP and demand that a better selection our Canadian brews be available at Canadian embassy’s.. Its not like there’s anything else more important going on in this world right now....


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Wine list long, but beer offerings slim at Canadian Embassy in Washington - Winnipeg Free Press