Tis The Season For A Beer Cocktail

I was doing some reading and came across a story on beer cocktails. While I have known about this mixalation for a while there usually has only been a few tradition things that one would mix with beer. It seems there is now a trend now to get a little more exotic, I think this trend is due to a demand for a different taste bud experience. This past summer we saw an explosion of the lime beer fad, where at times the beer store could not keep up with the demand for this new taste. (I'm still on the fence with this one)
While I'm not a big fan of adding things to my amber nectar, I think this trend does requires a little attention and a tasting experiment I shall endeavour to attempt to do my own at home mixalation in the coming weeks.

I have include some of the more interesting recipes that I have come across on the net.


Pour your beer into a glass filled with ice and add the juice of one small lemon. Add a dash of soy, Tabasco and Worcestershire. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. For some, a true Mexican Michelada is not complete without a shot of Tequila mixed in.

Booze Brews
USA Today reports that trendy New York bars are serving up beer and spirits – together- and offering drinks like the Raspberry Spiked Apple Ale made with both beer and raspberry liqueur. The variations on this are only limited by your imagination

Isar water:
A wheat beer mixed with Blue CuraƧao and apple or orange juice. We are not sure of the background on this one but it sounds interesting.

Classic beer cocktails
The Classic Shandy:
Background: Both the American Heritage Dictionary and UK legislation have defined the "shandy", short for shandygaff, as a mixture of beer and ginger beer, ginger ale or lemonade. This drink gives all the pleasures of beer with the refreshment of lemonade

This old English tradition dates back to the 17th century.
Fill a pilsner or beer mug with lager and top with ginger ale, ginger beer or lemonade. If you are a bit more adventurous, try a shandy with limeade. Don't be afraid to add ice to this drink. You can't do that with your beer.

Lager and lime:
Add a dash of lime juice or lime cordial to a light lager.

Mix your favorite beer (usually a heavier beer, like stout, works well) half and half with cider.

Black Velvet:
Mix stout and champagne, half and half.

Beer Bloody Mary:
Mix beer and tomato juice, half and half. Add a dash of Tabasco and a dash of Worcestershire.

Red Eye:
Add a shot of tomato juice to any ale or lager (this cocktail is also known as Tomato Beer or a Red Rooster). If you add a splash of Tabasco, the drink becomes a Ruddy Mary.

Liverpool kiss:
Mix a dark beer with Cassis.

Dark beer and orange juice.

Skip and go naked:
Combine beer, lemon juice and gin, with a dash of grenadine.

Popular in Japan, mixing beer and cola is known as a Broadway.

Caribbean Night:
Beer and an ounce of coffee liqueur.

South Wind:
Beer with a shot of melon liqueur.