Eye Of Newt ??

Well another Halloween has come and gone and, I'm sure everyone had a good time this year as it fell on a Saturday, this likely gave everyone extra time to get dressed in there favourite costume. I myself was dressed in my new 50's retro Bowling shirt that i recently received from
Mrs Beer Inc was also in the same attire and we attended a party at one of my neighbours house. BTW he does it up right, from the inside to the outside !! During the evening there was a bit of strange liquid libation concoctions being consumed, in fact at one point I think I drank an eye of newt all in name of fun... thought I was content with my Amber nectar. Cant wait until next year !!

Hey...looking for some great after Halloween deals or just looking for a really cool shirt have a look at bowling they have some very neat and slick stuff, great for stag and doe party's



i AM said...

Thanks for the shout out dude ! It was fun having everyone over.