Tips To Keep You & Your Kegerator Happy

1. Clean the beer line at after each Keg of beer is done, this will help keep beer stones from forming on the inside of the beer lines.
2. When cleaning the faucet, take it apart and let it soak in the cleaning solution, you will be surprised on how much crud builds up inside and this can greatly effect your pour from the kegerator.
3. learn what the ideal pressure is for your type of beer ( usually between 12-14 psi )
4. Keep your kegerator full and a smile on your face
5. Make sure your beer glassware is clean. Dirty glasses can effect the taste and poring of your draft beer.
6. Temperature, make sure your keg of beer is at the ideal temp, if it’s to warm you will have foam, usually the ideal pressure is at least between 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to check this is with a digital thermometer. First pour a glass of beer then pour a second and insert the thermometer into the second glass this will give you the actual beer temperature.
7. Remember to give the back of your Kegerator breathing space so it can remove the heat efficiently.
If you are able to follow these recommendations then you and your Kegerator are on cold and happy path to good drinking.

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