Tales From The Dock

Well I'm back after a weeks vacation in northern Ontario, Me and Mrs Beer Inc. and our good friends Mr & Mrs 'Randy the Cooler' spent a amazing week enjoying our favourite drinks, food, sunshine and fishing, ( for the beer brothers ) In fact the Cooler was able to accomplish something he has yet attained and that was to catch his first fish !! He was very excited and proud of his accomplishment and this called for a little liquid libation. One thing I did notice was once he had caught a fish he was hooked and at one point I thought fishing was going to overtake his desire to consume Ice cold Beer, but lucky he did come to his senses.
BTW I would have liked to have posted a picture of the monster of a fish he caught but we did not bring the camera out with us on our luxurious paddle boat, maybe next time for now it just another fish story.
It was unfortunate that we were not able to bring a Kegerator with us as this would have served us better, no empties and packaging to deal with and I must say there was a lot of empties! but Mrs Beer Inc. did bring a few beer bubbas that served their purpose, it nice to be able to have a nice cold draft beer while soaking up the sun...
BTW if you are looking for a portable kegerator or a Jockey box have a look at some of the sponsor's on this site