Man Cave News

Me and Mrs Beer Inc were out visiting some good friends this past long weekend, and of course we were partaking in some liquid libation, the amber nectar was flowing, as you will see in the picture the beer of choice was Coors light, I prefer Coors but unfortunately it not available in Canada. I not really sure why that is but I will look into it and report back. The best part was that it was cold and available.
As the afternoon mingled along it soon came to me that what was needed was a kegerator, my good friend (The Rock Star ) does not have one but there has been many a conversation of building one from the plans that are available on this site, to buying a commercially built one ( I have both ). Well after much discussion and beer, I was glad to find out that (The Rock Star) had some great news to share, He and his girl friend plan the build a Man Cave. The man cave is to be decked out with all of the coolest guy and gal toys including a built in Kegerator !! Wow I cant wait to see the plans and the completed project and sample a cold draft from the setup. I will keep you posted on the progress.

BTW- If you are considering buying Draft Beer Equipment or building your own kegerator have a look at some of my postings on how I tricked out my kegerator, and at some of the cool vendors on this site