What's a Kegerator

Kegerator is a combination of the words “keg” and “refrigerator” hence the word Kegerator. For most it is an old fridge that has been converted by removing the shelving and other stuff in the fridge and installing a conversion kit. The conversion kit consists of all the parts needed to make your fridge into a kegerator. Here is a quick list of what you should expect a kit. CO2 tank, Regulator, Coupler, Beer and Air Line, Drip Tray, Faucet and Faucet Handle and in some case depending what type of Kegerator you are building a Tap Tower. BTW I have free conversion plans on my Blog website.
For some a kegerator can be a specialized appliance built solely for the purpose of dispensing beer. There are lots of internet sites and stores that specialize in just this. If you have a look at my Blog site you will see a few links for some of these types of vendors. Their sites have a ton of very good information. The benefit of owning a kegerator is that it does a couple of things it allows you to enjoy beer at home while you save money, a keg of beer is cheaper then buying cases of beer, you also help the environment by not have empties to deal with and dispensing in mass quantity is fun, example keg parties. You might thinks that "I dont drink that much" well its's good to know that beer stored in a kegerator is preserved in the ideal state for as long as 4-6 months Thought they don’t last that long in my house!
Kegerators can come in a variety of makes, models and sizes. Usually they are a single tap unit but there are commercial units that have multiple taps etc. for the average home user a single tap set-up is the most ideal. If later you decide you want to add an addition faucet then you can do a retrofit and add a dual tap tower. For me the most attractive aspect of owning a kegerator is the convenience and enjoyment that comes from having a pub draught enjoyed in my own home with family and friends. If you need more information, there are a variety of resources available online about kegerators and keg fridges, these include instructional videos, chat rooms and blog sites, do a Google search and start reading. This will be a good start to help with deciding on whether you want to do a conversion kit or purchase a kegerator, I have done both and love it.