My Kegerator Modifications

One of the things I did with my Kegerator when I set it up was to make a few modifications to it. What I have found out is that a lot of lower cost kegerators don't always do a great job of keeping the beer cold, they work but they can be made better, let me explain. A lot of higher end kegerators have a fan inside of the unit to circulate air thus giving the unit better temperature control and the ability move air up into the tower to ensure that the beer in the line remains cold. If the beer line in the tower does not remain cold enough you will get foam on your first pour and no buddy likes foam. What I did was to add a 3.5" computer fan to the inside of my Kegerator and built a tower cooler to move cold air off the chiller plate up into my tower. These two thing significantly made a very big difference. I was able to turn the temperature control down from 5 to 2.5 and my beer in the tower pour nicely without any foam. Your probably wondering how to do this, well here are some basic instructions for the DIY type person if your not that type then have a look at the how to guide on this site and it will take you to the Micromatic site they carry tower blowers on their page.

Here is a list of the part you will need, to build a Tower Cooler these can be found at your local computer or electronic hobby store
9V DC power supply ( I used an old cell phone charger and cut the end off)
4 x 6 plastic hobby box
12VDC 3” (80 mm) PC fan its 3” to fit inside the box (2 fans needed if adding a additional fan to circulate air in keg )
One fan guard (3 fan guards needed if adding additional fan to circulate air in keg )
45 degree 1” PVC elbow found at you local home improvement store
Length of 1” diameter flexible hose or clear tubing

Assembly Instructions:

Place the fan on the front of the box, then use a marker to mark the mounting holes & the center cut-out.
Place the 45 degree PVC fitting on the top if the box, then use a marker to mark the outline and cut-out.
Open the box & use hand tools to cut openings I used my little electric rotary type tool and was  perfect
Mount the fan on the inside & route the fan’s power plug to the outside of the box.
In the cut out hole on the top of the project box mount the 45 degree PVC fitting it to the top of the box and glue
You can use silicone or white bathtub calk to hold the fitting in place I then covered that with black electrical tape to match the black project box.
Install the flexible hose does not need any glue as it should fit tight inside the PVC fitting.
Splice the power supply wiring to the fan wiring and test to make sure the fan is pulling air in. If the fan is pushing air out, try reverse the wiring and test again or turn the fan around. I also wired in my other computer fan that moves air around the inside of my Keg it's stuck to the inside top of my keg with Velcro.
Unplug or un-splice the fan connection and run the power in through the drain line.
Then re-connect the wires in the same direction they were before. If not sure, just wire and test again. Trial fit the fan inside the back of the kegerator, route the flexible hose up to the tower, measure and cut. I found that having the fan pull cold air of the back of the chiller plate worked the best
Plug in the DC adapter and let the fans do their work

Tower cooler is th picture in the lower left, I also added another fan (top right) to help circulate the air inside the keg