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Brewery launches new beer
July 14, 2009
Creemore Springs Brewery announced last week the limited release of its German inspired Kellerbier (Cellar Beer). The hoppy beer is made so fresh that there are only 400 hectolitres (80,000 473 ml cans) being produced, approximately two months worth of inventory, the brewery said. The beer will be available at select LCBO stores starting July 19.
"The folks at Creemore are proud to share our love of traditional brewing with our loyal and valued customers," said Karen Gaudino, director of sales and marketing. "We are confident this unfiltered beer with its incredible hop kick and citrus finish will not disappoint Ontario's discerning foodies and beer drinkers."
When traveling in Bamberg Germany, brew master Gordon Fuller happened across a unique style of beer know as kellerbier (cellar beer). After much research and testing, Gordon and his team set out to create their own style of kellerbier, created in the time-honoured tradition as it was in Bamberg.
According to the brewery, kellerbier dates back to the middle ages in small artesian towns in rural Germany. The unusually hoppy beer comes right from the cellar and is naturally cloudy due to the vitamin rich yeast still present in the beer.
Kellerbier is lower in carbonation and abundant with hop aroma and flavour.
Small batch brewed, the beer uses only four natural ingredients and is then packaged unfiltered.
Often served as an aperitif before dinner to stimulate the appetite, this surprisingly thirst quenching kellerbier has a citrus and spicy finish left by the unfiltered yeast and a lavish malt backbone. Creemore Springs Kellerbier is packaged in the brewery's traditional 473 ml cans.