Lime Beer Invades Canada

Has Lime taken over our lagers.. it's seem to me that all of the big beer boys have launched a lime beer this summer, I was out and about, Friday in Burlington and out again Saturday in downtown Toronto visiting a few locals and every where I went I noticed the that all of the bars were sporting some type of lime beer advertising. One of the more popular seems to be bud light lime, even the Beer Store cant keep it in stock ! I know that the lime stuff has been out for a few year in the US but now it has invaded Canada. I'm not really sure why we put lime in our beer as I prefer not to. I like beer the way it suppose to taste.. like BEER
drop me a line and let me know what you think about this invasion or any thing else you would like to comment on



Patrick said...

I think citrusy beers arenicer in the summer. I haven't tried BL Lime but I do enjoy the white (wheat) beer varieties that go really well with a slice of orange or lemon. The flavours really do complement each other.


Beer Inc said...

I will agree that a nice wheat beer with a bit of orange in is very nice too