Das Beer Boot

Beer Boot
Yes this is the real deal, all the way from Germany. A relative that lives on and off in Germany brought the beautiful Beer Boot home for me this past Christmas. It truly is an experience to drink from one of these, It holds a little over 2 litres of the amber nectar and I must say that when it's full it doesn't seem like a lot to consume but it can de deceiving. ( trust me ) I have not seen these here in Ontario, so your going to have a look around on the internet to find one. If you do I would totally recommend purchasing one for your home bar...
BTW here is a little history on the boot that CP from another site

There are several varying "traditional" sources of the boot. Most centering on German military roots at the beginning of the 20th century. As with many "traditional" and informal sources the veracity of such claims may be disputable but the tradition itself does have a cultural source.
One Tradition holds that a Prussian general swore to his troops that he would drink beer from his boot dependent on the successful outcome in a coming battle. When victorious, the general ordered a glass fashioned in the shape of a boot to fulfill his promise without "having to taste his own feet
Another tradition holds that the boot began when German soldiers soldier during World War 1 having nothing else to drink from instead passed around an actual leather boot of beer before heading into battle. They would flick the boot before drinking from it for good luck and again after drinking to wish next soldier good luck



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