Bottle Run

Though I would share this funny video from a local brewer in AB



Has This Happend to You Yet ?

If it has then kid proofing a kegerator is something you may need to look at ... here is a link to a great article on what you need to keep your brew safe.      Keg locks


What's The Time It's Coors Time

Just returned from a trip down south, and brought back some amber nectar.. Coors, this good tasting beer is not available in Canada. We did post back a while back on this topic and still don't have a definitive answer to this. If any one has an answer feel free to drop us a line
Good Beer


Great Beer Tune



Shopping for Beer Pong Tables

If you have ever been to a frat party, tailgating party or virtually any gathering that includes a large group of people and copious amounts of beer, you are probably at least somewhat familiar with beer pong tables Although many people originally fashioned their own from wood and saw horses or renovated ping pong tables, you can now choose from an assortment of beer pong tables from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Determining what you want will help you choose a table you will enjoy.

There are multiple table sizes available, ranging from six feet long and two feet wide to nine feet long and four feet wide. According to the National Beer Pong League, however, regulation tables are eight feet long and two feet wide. Unless you have limited space that necessitates purchasing a six- or seven-foot long table, opting for the standard size is your best bet, as players will be most familiar and comfortable with this length.

Most beer pong tables are comprised of either aluminum, plastic or wood. While they tend to be the least expensive, aluminum tabletops can reduce the speed and height of the balls’ bounce. Plastic tables are also affordable and can actually promote a slightly higher bounce. Wood is the traditional material used and hardcore pong players will turn up their noses at anything else. One benefit of wood is that it is durable and less likely to be knocked over than lighter aluminum and plastic tables are.
A major factor to consider is the design you want on your beer pong table. Some vendors let you create a custom design, which is nice if you want to purchase a table for your bar, club or frat house as you can embellish it with your name or logo.

Finally, you will want to look at prices. Tables can range from exceedingly inexpensive to several hundred dollars. Whether or not you choose custom designs and colors as well as the materials used will determine how much you spend, so have an idea in mind before you start shopping.


Hacking Your Kegerator:

Here is a really great link to an article on Kegerator hacks, as most of you know I have some of these hacks already on the beer Inc. Kegerator.

A good read, as there is some interesting techno hacks as more of the propeller heads try and "net 2.0" their keg drinking experience. If you're looking for information on how to build your own Tower Cooler have a look at my DYI article posted here on this site

Hacking Your Kegerator: Adds and Mods Edition -